I’m on YouTube (and I’m not ready)…!

Well, there’s no going back now.

I am now inside my flat most of the time, my sister’s video camera (that she has very kindly lent to me) is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be used, as is our pile of nappies in the bathroom. Combine that with my complete lack of video skills and general awkwardness about YouTube introductions, and we have a real recipe for success here.

Seriously, I’ve just uploaded my first video to my brand new YouTube channel. It’s nothing extravagant, a very quick introduction to me and why I want to talk about cloth nappies. I was always going to put up videos anyway because I think reading a blog about a nappy without any visual aid isn’t incredibly helpful to the new and scared parent.

Enjoy! More to come (provided I don’t lose my nerve on this venture)!

Jenny x

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