Leftover Savoury Muffins for the veg-hating and bread-loving babies

Banana, dates, and a LOT of bread. This is Rawrie’s dream meal. Apart from our leftover veggie shepherd’s pie (recipe is definitely incoming, we cook it on a weekly basis), Rawrie rejects most veg. I’ll be lucky if he takes a bit of sweet potato mash or soft carrot from our chicken and white bean stew (another favourite of ours) so naturally, the solution was to disguise veg as bread. Muffin recipes seem to be quite popular for weaning, but the savoury recipes I’ve seen require you to cook veggies first. I have neither the time nor the energy buuuut Alex and I often cook a gigantic roast on a Saturday and have a tray load of veggies left over. Hello “leftover” muffin recipe!

Right, let’s just get to the recipe – I really hate long introductions to a recipe page and get really annoyed if I have to scroll for ages…

NB this recipe is very much a throw-it-together-and-eye-ball-it thing.

Makes twelve mini-muffins

First, mix 225g self-raising flour with a pinch of salt, 1 tsp baking powder and whatever herbs/spices you choose. I usually pick thyme and rosemary because a) they are my favourites and b) we use these already with the roast veggies.

Next, put in 55g soft butter and mix into the flour with your fingertrips to make a breadcrumb mix. Sprinkle in 100g grated cheddar (sometimes I do 50/50 with parmesan if I have some lying around) and rub that all in.

Whatever veggies you have, mash them up. I’ve thrown in anything from beetroot, parsnip, carrot and potato (all received in our wonderful Oddbox or purchased from Pedrick’s). Then make a well in the flour mixture and spoon in the mashed veggies along with 80-90ml milk. Pour in the milk gradually and mix with a spoon (or your hand) until you’ve got a soft but firm dough. I find that I may have to add a bit more flour/milk depending on the veggies I’ve used, this is where you eyeball a little.

Lightly flour a surface and dump the dough. You can roll it out with a dough or spread it with your hands. To cut it you can use a knife or a cookie cutter. I use a cutter and just lay twelve mini flat doughs onto a muffin tray. A great tip is to then brush the tops with a little extra and then sprinkle with a little extra cheese, your baby will thank you later.

Bake the muffins at 200 degrees fan for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Then eat and enjoy!