1 Year of You

Rawrie Rawrie Rawrie (oi! oi! oi!)! The song that we like to shout back at you if you start screaming because we want to lead you walking the opposite direction to the bathroom, which is where all the good stuff is at.

You are 1 year and 1 day old, eesh! Everyone keeps coming up to me and asking me if I miss the newborn smell and the general not-moving-very-much baby, as opposed to the born adventurer you are now. I’m guessing these emotions may hit me at some point but honestly, where you are right now is so much fun.

You’re a walker, it’s ALL you want to do. You went through a very tiny phase at 3/4 months (can’t quite pin down the exact age and I think the phase lasted no longer than a week) of being chill on your tummy but since then, nope. Tummy time and crawling is just not on your agenda, and that is totally fine. Alex and I get your logic – 90% of the other humans you see are walking on two legs, why would you do anything else?? You were standing by about 5 months, and it was last summer you started trying to put one foot in front of the other. By about 9 months you were hell bent on walking everywhere and it has not changed, as long as you have a finger to hold.

In the last couple of weeks you have just started becoming interested in two things – “buffling” (bum shuffling) across the floor and poking your head round the door with that cheeky grin of yours, and then walking between a little furniture obstacle course. The second interest is constantly fleeting and you are not an idiot. You know that during the “walking game” (taking a few steps by yourself in order to cascade into one parent, and then repeat with the other parent, etc etc for about twenty minutes), we will let go of your hand and sometimes you just aint letting go. This is also fine. We all know you can do it, but you can take your sweet time. I want you to choose the moment and let go when you are ready. Maybe it’s next week, maybe it’s next month. For now it’s an honour to accompany you on your epic quests to the bathroom and the bedroom, usually to find your submarine or to stare out onto our street and watch the rain beat at the window.

I want you to choose the moment and let go when you are ready.

In the wake of your second operation, your go-to food is what I would totally eat every day – boiled eggs, pesto pasta, and an infinite load of Weetabix. I have learned to make peace with the fact that, for the first few years at least, you will have Weetabix permanently stuck to you somewhere on your body, it will just vary where. Our FAVOURITE thing right now is you hanging out in your toddler tower eating your meals, watching me and your dad chop veggies or stew fruit or clean bottles and you feel so involved.

You “help” us with so many things, you really do! You’re obsessed with the washing machine (might as well be, it goes on about five times a week!) and you’re so proud of your special job as “button presser”. You open and close doors like a champ, you pull off the washing and unpack our veg box when needed (and when not needed but you make it funny and cute so oh well), and sometimes I catch you buffling up to a radiator with a random sock you found and wiping the radiator with it for about ten minutes which, to you, is comedy gold.

Sleep is completely unpredictable with you. You’ll swap between your cot and dad’s arms in the chair and my arms in the chair and my arms in our bed and the middle of our bed. You just like having options. We know you have an ever-changing rhythm and it’s gonna keep changing and we just need to flow with it.

The best thing of all – you are a people person and always have been. There are two things you like to do on a train journey – 1) pick up and inspect every single piece of rubbish you find, which we quickly put in the bin before you put in your mouth and 2) grin and say hello and touch the hand of every single person in your carriage, and then scream because you want to open the magic door into the next carriage and say hello to everyone in there, but I am pulling you towards the other way because we have landed at our station and the buggy is several seats away!

You “help” us with so many things … you’re obsessed with the washing machine … you open and shut doors like a champ …

You flirt with all the ladies you see and pretend to be bashful and it’s hilarious. I need to be careful in case this characteristic stops and you suddenly become clingy but I am so lucky to be able to step back and let you take someone else’s hand (cue the amazing staff at our favourite café who are obsessed with you) and walk off on a quest while I inhale a coffee in two minutes.

You’re growing up, no doubt about that. Please don’t stop. May regret these words later on but for now, don’t stop growing. Watching you grow is awesome. To the readers who came to the end of this post, thanks for sticking around! I have loved pouring out all these words, it’s probably the easiest post I’ve written so far.

Jenny x