Eco-Egg: the ultimate Zero-Waste present for 2020 (to me anyway!)

natural washing option for families!

Ok, first proper post where the sole purpose is for me to impart a particular piece of zero-waste wisdom to anyone who is interested. If aaaanyone is still struggling at this late hour for a Christmas present (I mean, you’ve still got 24 hours – bags of time!) and you are buying for someone who wants to make greener changes in their home, please read on!

Using natural, chemical-free products for cleaning and washing is greener and cheaper in the long run- bit of an extra priority if you find you’re washing every other day with baby clothes and nappies. And I was so excited when I tried the Eco Egg for the first time and found it worked so beautifully!

perfect laundry toy
Perfect laundry tool/toy/sometime-maraca for Rawrie

The product is a cool-looking egg case that is filled with two types of natural mineral pellets, which you simply place in the main drum with your washing. The pellets work together to draw out the dirt and balance the pH of the water in the washing machine, so your clothes come out really soft and you don’t have to buy fabric conditioner! You save on so many other things too – no chemicals, no microplastics, no plastic bottles being wasted, and no big dent in your bank account. The original Eco Egg lasts for 70 washes at £9.99 and when you get the refill pellets it works out at less than 0.15p per wash. The egg case lasts for years, and I’m talking YEARS. We’ve used ours for a year and it’s shown no signs of breaking down, despite the fact that we’ve accidentally left it in the machine when putting clothes on tumble dry (try not to do that).

Not gonna lie, our Eco Egg has been put through the ultimate tests. Grouped with a scoop of Bio-D nappy powder and a couple of drops of lemon essential oil (extra help with stains), the Eco Egg cleaned Rawrie’s early poo explosions and cleared the stains off his clothes with no problem. We use it for nappies, clothes, linen, everything and anything. It really delivers every time.

ALSO, bit of an extra bonus for me is that Rawrie sees laundry time as the greatest source of entertainment in our flat right now, and often wants to get involved. Instead of holding him fast and keeping his hands off a huge leaking box of detergent powder, he can keep hold of the Eco Egg and has the all-important role of putting it in and watching it spin around with his nappies.

the complete set! Eco-egg, dryer eggs and replacement pellets

As you can see, I stocked up on the whole shebang so we are sorted for the next… five years?? Seriously, it feels so amazing to know that we don’t have to buy laundry products ever again and we’re not using any nasty stuffs on ours or Rawrie’s gear. You can order online but I also discovered that Waitrose & Partners have started stocking the Eco Egg in their stores, so if you have one near you then someone’s gift could be sorted without waiting for dispatch.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Jenny x