Beautiful Moments

We are going through a phase, sadly, where bedtime each evening is an exhausting battle with Rawrie’s will to stay awake. Most nights he will have a whale of a time in the bath, often it will calm him down if he’s moany. And then the second he’s landed on a towel and his night nappy is in sight, all hell breaks loose.

It’s because he’s tired, but he fights sleep to the death. Tonight ranked amongst the worst, but now he’s down in the cot, a guinea-pig batch of savoury muffins is cooling on the rack (thankyou choir mums for the inspiration), and I have the silence and space to remember that, actually, we all had a really good day. Rawrie was up in London with Alex in the morning for a school trip, and I joined after my work shift. We stole an hour to get a much-needed coffee and get Rawrie walking around Hyde Park.

Alex and I are making a thing of telling each other at least one “beautiful moment” we had with Rawrie that day, to counteract the frustrating emotional rollercoaster that we go through putting the boy to bed. My two for yesterday and today happened to be nature-themed. Yesterday I pushed Rawrie through a bit of bluster in the buggy to one of our fave coffee shops, and I spotted my baby sticking his arm out just to feel the wind and rain on his little fingers. Today, Rawrie picked up a dry leaf, split it in half and gave one each to Mummy and Daddy. These moments were just *inaudible gushing noise*.

… Thinking about it now, we have dozens of jars at home (because #zerowastelife), I’m thinking we should write down these moments and store them on the windowsill. Does anyone else do this??

Jenny x

PS. Since writing the above Rawrie woke up again, cried for about an hour, and then was wide awake wanting to play. I have been taken round the emotional bend so we are now in the living room sharing a cheese scone, waiting for Daddy to come home. It’s just one of those days.

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