Obsessed with Cloth Nappies. Fact.

My husband Alex read the title of this blog post, grinned, and patted my arm to communicate the fact that this title could not be truer if I tried.

For a while I struggled to remember how my current other obsession – living as “zero-waste” as possible – came about. It seemed to happen quite suddenly. Then I remembered watching the wonderful Lisa talk about cloth nappies on her YouTube channel Farmhouse on Boone, and I was head over heels. The idea of saving money, helping reduce landfill and plastic consumption, and dressing my boy in something so aesthetically pleasing, all in one act. Sign me up now.

I soon discovered that I was actually joining a party that had already been going on for a while. I had mums in my choir who were experienced in all things cloth, and I ended up having a great in-depth chat about 1980’s Terry squares with my mum in-law. Not a new thing, cloth nappies, but my mum in-law and I agreed that things have definitely improved and expanded.

I do also think that this huge expansion, making cloth far more accessible and appealing to parents, has also put parents off. If you looked at the amazing advice given by the Nappy Lady, you would read that there are different “types” of nappies you could buy. There are now loads of competing manufacturers who put different product names to those “types”. Did you guys know that an Easy Fit Star is the same as a Miosolo, which is similar but not identical to a Little Lamb pocket? I didn’t! Not until I had thoroughly researched it!

It can look confusing and expensive up-front, as well as create a sense of dread when it comes to care and washing. I will admit, having converted to 100% cloth in the course of eight months, that it’s an alternative lifestyle that takes a bit of getting used to. But oh my, they are so worth it in the end.

This post is, I’m afraid, a warning to you all that I will be back with more musings on cloth nappies. Lots more musings. So prepare yourselves.

If you are a #clothnappyparent, please comment and tell me which one your favourite is (always looking to try different brands sshh don’t tell my husband – he is a converted Miosolo-phile)! If you’re an expectant parent who’d like any simple advice on how to make it with cloth, please shout any questions!

Jenny x

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